EDS steigerbouw supplies scaffolding for industrial and offshore projects, such as shipbuilding and / or yacht building and the (chemical) industry.


EDS steigerbouw has the expertise to assemble and dismantle the most complex scaffolding. EDS has the knowledge and expertise to provide the most complex installations with scaffolding. EDS scaffolding has certified people and all the necessary scaffolding materials in-house. EDS scaffolding provides industrial customization and builds what you need.

Yachtbuilding / Shipbuilding

For large and smaller projects in yacht building and shipbuilding, EDS scaffolding is your partner. In consultation, we place the most practical and safest jetty to work on your ship or yacht. Our most important task is to deliver the project properly and safely!

(Petro) Chemistry

EDS steigerbouw has extensive experience in carrying out all types of scaffolding in the industrial sector, such as in the petrochemical, chemical, and maintenance projects at power plants. We take care of and relieve you of all your scaffolding work.

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