• Housebuilding

    EDS Steigerbouw delivers scaffolding for all housebuilding projects. Whether it is for one house or an entire neighborhood, EDS Steigerbouw guides projects from begin to end.

  • Renovation

    EDS Steigerbouw delivers scaffolding suitable for renovation work, such as paintwork and stuccowork. At a renovation, it is important that the daily use and the environment experience at little as possible nuisance of the activities.

  • Non-residential building

    EDS Steigerbouw also delivers scaffolding for buildings without residential use, such as factories, schools, offices, hospitals, shops and garages. Other requests and needs apply for the non-residential building.

Welcome to EDS Steigerbouw

We are an organization that assembles and disassembles all scaffolding systems. For sale and rental you can contact us as well, all of this completely to the wishes of the customer. EDS is active in the Benelux and sometimes just outside. From construction to completion and everything around it, no job is for us too large … or too small. We are a reliable partner and are always be there for our customers. Curious about our qualities? Please contact us for a customized advice.